Measuring For A Kitsch Coat

How to Measure

The easiest starting point for measuring all sighthounds and is usually correct: 

Measure around the deepest part of the chest circumference. Then take off 2".  So, if the chest is 30" best coat fit would be 28", if the chest says 33", best coat fit should be 31" and so on.

LURCHERS Please measure your dog from lower mid neck  to root of tail. Dog has to be standing straight with head up. Place tape measure between shoulder blades and start to measure where collar bottom sits if it were worn mid neck. neck.

Order the corresponding back length listed. These coats should overhang the tail by at least 2" if not more. You do not need to add this to the back length when you measure.

How to Measure:  GREYHOUND, WHIPPET, SALUKI Examples of back sizes for Kitsch Coats. If unsure and your dog is one of the below breeds please go by my info on sizes as shown. It is very unlikely your Whippet is a 23" or your Greyhound is a 33" regardless of what the tape measure says!


If your grey is coming up small, please measure the chest circumference. If larger than back length, best to go up a size.  For example: A greyhound with a chest of 33" would need a 31" back length coat.  A greyhound with a 29" chest would be best in a 27" back length coat.

All my coats fit lovely Lurchers regardless of mix, hair length or deep chest. Just follow measuring guidelines above. As a very rough guide smaller lurchers (X whippets) are around a 23". Medium sized (X collie) would be a 25". 

Kitsch coats are measured differently to other coat manufacturers so please measure actual dog for happy results.  I am happy to advise if you are unsure.

Refund or Exchange: Coats must be returned in original packaging and in unworn condition.  I have had coats returned covered in hairs and worse. It is not acceptable to take the coat for a walk to try it out either! Turn inside out and remove ALL hairs. If in doubt about fit, please email me a side on picture of the dog in the coat so I can advise!

If you have a Kitsch Coat and wish to re-order the same size, you will find that all Kitsch coats have a size label inside.

Please note, Kitsch Coats are designed for Sighthounds only.

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